Welcome to the official GPSN Rural Working Group website!

The GPSN Rural Working Group are a committee of dedicated students who want to celebrate and share the wonders, challenges and diversity of the rural general practice with the wider medical student community in Australia.


Not only are rural generalists fully trained as specialist general practitioners, but they can also choose to develop extended skills in practically any medical specialty of their choice to suit their personal interests or best serve their local community. 


No two days are the same as a rural GP. The absolute autonomy in practice and the variety of cases that come through the door (or you fly out to!) make rural generalism both a challenging and exhilarating career. Being a rural generalist requires the highest level of clinical skills and judgement, especially when faced with geographical and resource limitations - but that is what makes it the one of the most rewarding careers in medicine today! 

We have created this website as an open space for medical students to share their personal experiences on their rural GP placements/ rotations, to shed light on what it encompasses. We hope that these blogs and resouces will encourage more medical students and junior doctors to seek out the rewarding pathway towards becoming a rural generalist.

How to navigate around the site:


About us - Meet the GPSN Rural Working Group

Blogs - Read about personal experiences of students around the country who have completed a rural rotation/ placement


Rural tips - Thinking about a rural rotation or about to embark on one? Read our tips and tricks to get the most out of it!


A Career in Rural Medicine - Find out what a rural generalist is discover the pathways you can take to become one with the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) or the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)


Upcoming Events/Opportunities - Keep up to date with all the exciting Rural Medicine events happening


Social - Competitions, volunteer positions, blog contributors - i.e. how you can get more involved!

Live blog posts:


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